Procedure for Registering a Guesthouse

Procedure for Registering a Guesthouse


Prerequisite Checklist

  • All shareholders/Partners are Maldivian Citizens
  • Memorandum of the Company does not state foreigners to be the share holders of the company.
  • If guest house is Operated by a company the Memorandum of Association should include guest house operation
  • Business name registered at Ministry of Economic development or Local Council

Completing submitting the forms

  • If the operator is a company need to submit the following documents:
  1. Copy of Registration, Articles and Memorandum of Association of Company
  2. ID card copies of all shareholders and Directors
  3. Official document confirming the Shareholders and Directors of the company if different from the registration documents
  4. Partnership, copy of Registration and Partnership Agreement
  5. ID card copies of all partners
  6. Official document confirming the current partners if different form the Partnership Agreement
  • Original of previous license
  • If the operator is other than the owner, a copy of the lease/management agreement. (There should be a clause in the agreement allowing for the use of the premises as a guesthouse)
  • If the operator is an individual copy of the National ID card
  • Permission from the relevant Government Authority to use the building as a Tourist Guesthouse
  • A copy of registry of the building
  • A copy of whole cover insurance of the building
  • If a Restaurant is operating in the Guesthouse need to submit the relevant registrations from the relevant Government Authorities


Processing & Payment Fees

  • A registration charge of MRF 5000 for all new Guesthouse registrations
  • Once all the documents are complete and approved, Ministry will call for an inspection to check the guesthouse.
  • After conducting an inspection of the guesthouse and if the guesthouse complies with the mandatory standards of the Ministry, then the license will be processed.

Collection of the Registration Certificate & Other Documents

  • The Ministry will call the operator to collect the license.
  • Check the license certificate for verification and if any problem is noticed, please consult a registration unit staff on