Cruising Permit and Charter License Procedure

Cruising Permit and Charter License Procedure

The period that a visiting yacht allowed to stay in the Maldives with a cruising license has been extended; this amendment will take effect from 05 February 2014

The Ministry of Tourism has changed and published on the Government Gazette, (Volume 43, No. 15, dated 05th February 2014) that the duration has been extended from 90 days to 180s day and will come in affect from the 05 February 2014. And those yachts registered at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) are granted a 270 days.

  • All foreign vessels categorize as yachts has to pay a Cruising permit fee of MRF 5000.00 to the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Any vessel engaged in commercial or private charters shall obtain a charter license in order to cruise the Maldives.
  • Captains Declaration (Captain’s Letter with describing the crew and passengers/guest onboard) should be submitted to the Ministry.
  • Government Passenger Tax is charged from the passenger/guest who accommodates the vessel in cruising/chartering in the Maldives.

Charter license is granted and charged according to the Length Overall (LOA) of the vessel as below:-

Vessels less than 25 m in LOA – USD 15.00 per day
Vessels from 25 meters to 35 meters in LOA – USD 200.00 per day
Vessels from 36 meters to 46 meters in LOA – USD 350.00 per day
Vessels from 46 meters to 75 meters in LOA – USD 450.00 per day
Vessels above 75 meters in LOA – USD 600.00 per day