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Ministry of Tourism jointly with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Education aims to conduct internship and apprenticeship program in Tourist Resorts. These programs are designed in a way which is beneficial to both its facilitators as well as apprentices and interns; giving resorts the opportunity to inspire and groom potential candidates. The program also helps to facilitate youth integration into the tourism industry at a time when the industry is constantly expanding and these internship programs are of high priorities to the Government.

Kindly please find attached general brief of the two programs mentioned below:
1. Internship program ( 1 – 2 months)
2. Skills Training and Employment Program (STEP) (6 – 9 months)

Interested Tourist establishments willing to participate please send us the required form before 1400hrs of 09th February 2017. For more information on the internship and apprenticeship programs, please contact our International and Industry Human Resources on 3022252/302245; email us at iihr@tourism.gov.mv or visit www.tourism.gov.mv.

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