Tourism Information Management System (TIMS)

The Tourism Information Management System (TIMS) is an online system developed for the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) by the National Center for Information Technology (NCIT). Main objective of TIMS which will be integrated with the eGovernment system of the Maldives, is to connect the tourism industry and MoT online, leading to a convenient, paperless and environment friendly

working atmosphere. The system has been developed with comprehensive features for data uploading and retrieval with secure login for each establishment. TIMS is integrated with eFaas login service created by NCIT. eFaas is a single sign on service developed for individuals to access all the government portals with one user name and password.

Therefore, an eFass account will be required to login to TIMS. An administrative account will be provided to each establishment. This administrative account will be associated with one individual from that establishment. The individual will have the authority to view and change all information uploaded from that establishment to TIMS as well as providing access to other staff in the establishment. Hence, the individual identified by an establishment for eFass must to be an authorized person from that establishment.

Benefits to Users

Under the tourism statistics regulation, all tourist accommodating establishments are required to submit weekly and monthly reports to MoT. This requires a lot of work and data being communicated between these establishments and MoT. These reports are currently being submitted by all facilities via email and fax. TIMS will be used as a platform for the tourism industry to upload these information, on a regular basis in a manner convenient to all stakeholders involved. It will give options for resorts to upload the required data directly from their systems without having to worry about the formats and additional work.

In addition, the system, once fully functional, will also be used for other services provided by the Ministry such as an application for registration of facilities and general queries. Furthermore, the system can also be utilized as a research tool in retrieving aggregated data on the tourism industry of the Maldives  on a real time scenario.


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