Maldives achieves target for 2014 with over 1.2 million tourists at end year

The Maldives received a total of 1,204,857 tourists in 2014 reaching the target for the year. With the achieved target, growth for the year was at 7.1% compared with that of 2013. In terms of absolute numbers, best results were recorded during the first quarter of the year with 321,561 arrivals and the weakest performance was during the second quarter of the year with 279,952 arrivals. However, in terms of growth rate, second quarter showed the best results with a strong 13.4% increase and the last quarter displayed the weakest performance with a negative growth of 1.2%. The negative growth for the last quarter of the year was due to the negative growths recorded during the months of November (-5.1%) and December (-1.2%). While the month of June was recorded to have the lowest count in arrivals with 83,347, February remained as the month with highest number of arrivals with 110 thousand tourists.

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Ministry of Tourism