Training Program to create awareness about climate change and climate resilience among teachers and educators


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Male, Maldives (20th August 2015) – a training program has started for educators and teachers by the Ministry of Tourism and the Land and Marine Environmental Resource Group Pvt Ltd (LAMER) about increasing awareness & technical knowledge on climate change adaptation in the context of the tourism industry of school education.


Organized in partnership with UNDP, it aims to build their knowledge on their vulnerability on the industry to climate change, the various natural resources of the Maldives, and lifestyle options adhered and the things that can be done to pro-actively adapt to climate change. This is to help teachers and educators in the future to educate students in schools and create awareness among students about the importance of climate adaptation and climate resilience. 26 participants from various schools from the Male’ region attended the training program.


In the opening remarks, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Hussain Lirar, focused on the importance of creating awareness among educators so that they may inspire the future of our nation to take measures and be more educated about climate change. He also mentioned how the government is taking necessary steps to advocate for climate adaptation & climate resilience. UNDP’s assistant regional representative for environment & energy, Mohamed Inaz also talked about the importance of the training and how it would be a huge benefit for the country.


The training will be replicated in 5 atolls in the next 3 months.


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