ކްލައިމެޓް ޗޭންޖް އެންޑް ރިސިލިއަންސް އާއި ބެހޭ ތަމްރީން ދެވިއްޖެ

A Training of Trainers was held in AA. Ukulhas from 16 – 17 October as part of the ongoing Training of educators on climate change adaptation and climate resilience. The training was organized by the Tourism Adaptation Project and conducted by experts from LaMer group. The Tourism Adaptation Project (TAP) is a joint programme that is being implemented by the UNDP and the Ministry of Tourism with funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The training was attended by 19 teachers from various islands of Alif Alif Atoll. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the principal of AA Ukulhas School, Abdulla Ziyad commended the Ministry of Tourism for initiating such a project to train educators and spoke about the importance of climate change and how the unpredictable weather patterns are affecting our daily lives. He also noted how important it was for the younger generation to be able to understand the concepts of climate adaptation so that the future will be brighter for our country. The next trainings are to be held in A.Dh Mahibadhoo from 23 – 24 October and in Lh. Hinnavaru from 30 – 31 October.

މިނިސްޓްރީ އޮފް ޓޫޫރިޒަމް